The Perfect Summer Craft by Henny Penny!

How many of you moms are scratching your head for fun things to entertain the kids this summer? Especially when its raining or just too hot to go outside. Here is an adorable craft project designed by Carrie Christian, owner of Scribble Art Studio and she runs the art space at Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe. The "To-Go Bakery" is fun to create and play with once it's finished, perfect for all that summer traveling. So, let's hear Carrie's instructions for the DIY To-Go Bakery! (Or if you'd rather get out of the house and sip on a latte, you can always go to Henny Penny and buy the kit!)

How cute is this?!

The Henny Penny To-Go Bakery Kit contains:

  • Little suitcase

  • Sculpty clay

  • Peg person

  • Mini table

  • Tiny wooden tray & plates

  • A cut and color page of bakery images (designed by Henny Penny)

All of these items can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michaels - this particular wooden suitcase was purchased at Michaels. You can use cardboard or even the clay to create plates and furniture.

Here's how to create your own To-Go Bakery at home!

  1. Draw the front of your bakery on one side of your little suitcase. Make sure to draw in pencil first in case you want to make any changes. Helpful Hint= the larger you draw the easier to paint, so draw BIG! Some kids painted the whole suitcase including the inside, really it's up to you how far to take it

  2. Next paint your bakery front with Acrylic paint or color with markers (either will work!)

  3. Next, make mini clay cakes, cookies, doughnuts, let your imagination run wild! Bake clay treats in the oven (15 mins @ 250).

  4. Next create your Peg Person Baker, draw face/clothes with pencil first. Then color or paint Peg Person. Add little clothes/apron made from fabric or paper scraps

  5. You can make a table and chairs from thread spools and cardboard or even your Sculpty clay. Add a rug, Make cardboard shelves, the sky's the limit.

  6. PLAY!

- Carrie Christian


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