Artist Feature: Julia McGahee

@juliamcgaheeart is a new star in the mural scene here in Savannah (and beyond). I’m constantly amazed by the versatility in her skill, painting abstract geometrics to realistic motifs - I never know what she’s going to do next! This SCAD grad is a girl after my own heart with a love for repeat patterns. She specializes in “wallpaper” style murals that are beautifully repeated patterns. I love watching her process for this as she builds the pattern from sketches to measuring out the repeat on the wall and finally taking out the brushes. Enjoy this Q & A with Julia!
1. Where are you from and where did you go to school? 
I am from Charlotte, NC and I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Fibers in 2018. I have been living in Savannah ever since and I love it here!
2. Where do you find your inspiration? 
I find inspiration in a mix of both natural elements + great design in client's homes and spaces! I love going for walks and grabbing pictures of little things that excite me: Spanish moss, the beautiful azaleas in the spring, or a historic home painted a lovely shade of lavender. Of course, when planning out paintings or murals, I love getting to see a client's home. Colors in fabric, furniture, and paint always get the ball rolling for my design process. 
3. What are your favorite mediums? 
Nothing will beat a fresh can of paint, preferably Benjamin Moore, a new brush, and a clean and primed wall. Non mural related, I do love playing around drawing on my ipad/procreate (how the designs for the mugs were created!) and I also love textile art (embroidery, sewing, etc.)
4. When you're not doing artsy things, what can you be found doing? 
I love to walk! You can catch me doing long walks around downtown or Ardsley Park most mornings, usually with a take out coffee in hand. (Hi Perc coffee or Savannah Coffee Roasters!) I also enjoy any chance I have to travel, especially with my best travel companion: my husband, Hunter. Travel is another great source of inspiration for me! Other than that, I do try and force myself to relax every now and then, which usually means Suits reruns on the couch or getting dinner/drinks with friends.
5. Who are some artists that influence you? 
Gotta shout out Mairan Pouch, an artist who is a wallpaper muralist like me in Columbia, SC! She was a big inspiration to first see this concept of home murals in action and I love her use of soft metallic paint and patterns. Other artists that are giving me huge color inspiration are Maggie French (landscape artist in Charlotte, NC), Maddie Grace Maierhofer (expressionist artist in Savannah,GA) and Kipper Millsap (muralist in Savannah, GA).
6. What new project/ series are you most excited about and why? 
I have a few really exciting murals coming up (one that may or may not be filmed for a show soon ;)) and overall I am just really excited to continue to paint on walls and have the time for fun projects like this one! Hoping this year will bring some more chances to get out of my comfort zone and possibly have some more time to work on some painting collections. 

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