Artist Feature: Gianna Perani

Where are you from and where did you go to school? 
I was born in Massachusetts, but shortly after I was born my family relocated to Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach is where I spent the majority of my childhood and where I attended art camps, art school and art club on a regular basis. I attended BAK Middle School of the Arts as a child and learned a ton of art basics while in this program. I went to highschool in Richmond Hill, Georgia and later attended The University of Georgia for my bachelors degree. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
As a child, I always found inspiration in my mom as she would sit and do any craft known to mankind with me during all hours of the day. Now as an adult,  I find my inspiration from all the beautiful things around me - sea life, birds, landscapes, magnolias, tropical plants, and a million more gifts from God. I am a really big fan of finding inspiration in nature and then putting my own twist on it. I like the idea that everything we perceive as humans is due to our internal framework. For this reason, I truly love to find the beauty in Savannah's stunning coastal waters and marshes while making the painting a reflection of what I see - rather than a duplication. 
gianna perani painting a live wedding
What are your favorite mediums?
My favorite medium is acrylic on canvas (Golden Paints are my favorite). I love the ability to work fast-paced with acrylics and build up layers as quickly as ideas come racing into my mind. That being said, I have enjoyed working with oils, acrylics, charcoal and clay over the years to develop my skills as an artist. When I do portraits, I prefer oils for better blending, stronger lighting contrast and more concise color pops.
When you're not doing artsy things, what can you be found doing? 
When I am not doing artsy things I can be found teaching the broadcasting pathway at Richmond Hill Highschool to over 100 students, doing my graduate school homework, cheering "GO DAWGS" way too loudly, running at the gym and playing with my dog Theodore. Being a creative person to the core, I also enjoy sewing, a good DIY project, gift giving, gardening and thrift-flips!
Who are some artists that influence you? 
An artist that has influenced me since childhood has always been Monet. Monet plays with colors and brushstrokes that I enjoy utilizing in my own work as well. He has a quote I enjoy reflecting on from time to time, "I would advise young artists to paint as they can, as long as they can, without being afraid of painting badly," (Monet). This quote always pops into my head when I start to feel the comparison it is creeping down my neck. 
What new project/ series are you most excited about and why? 
Honestly, I can't pick just one project I am excited about, but I can say that I am extremely ecstatic to be off for the summer and focus on my art work once I get a much needed break from teaching. I am really looking forward to working with bright blues, pinks and greens during this summer season to encapsulate everything Savannah summers entail. I have had so many ideas waiting to burst out of me and it will be such a joy to finally have time to bring them to life. 
Visit Gianna's website and instagram for more of her work!

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