6 Ways to Prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

A talk with newborn and family photographer, Libby Muenckler, of AdLib Photography.

Newborn sessions don’t have to be stressful. Being prepared for a newborn session will make your photoshoot run smoother and result in gorgeous memories that last a lifetime. 

 Newborn wrapped in a Moss & Marsh  Swaddle.   All photos in this post captured by  Adlib Photography . Newborn wrapped in a Moss & Marsh Swaddle. All photos in this post captured by Adlib Photography.


The first thing you need to do is decide what type of photos you would like. Browse the Internet, ask friends, and think about how you would like to document these first memories.

I myself am a lifestyle photographer. I come to your home and take pictures of you all as a family in a place you’re most comfortable- sometimes clients opt for being outdoors. I document families laughing on the bed together, newborns swaddled asleep in their own crib, even the chaos of crying. I document dogs being introduced to their new siblings and big brothers and sisters in their new role.

There are many types of newborn photographers besides just lifestyle photographers. Another style is incredibly skilled photographers who do studio sessions during your babies first few days of life. They strategically pose newborns in the most perfect ways. These photographers are skilled in the safety of posing newborns and it’s important to choose those who are skilled in this area if that’s the style you want. 

It’s important to know the difference in these types of photographers and go with the photographer that fits your style. I am never offended when someone prefers a style other than mine and I’m quick to recommend other incredibly skilled photographers that fit my clients' needs. 

 Big brother in his Moss & Marsh  Bandana Bib ! Big brother in his Moss & Marsh Bandana Bib!


Once you have chosen a photographer it’s important to speak with them and make a plan for your shoot. Below are the points that I like to go over with my clients. Hopefully, these tips help you have a stress-free and fun newborn session.

  1. Set a date. Even if you deliver early or late it’s nice to have the peace of mind that you’re on the schedule. I suggest doing the photos within the first 2 weeks but there’s no right or wrong time in my option. It’s perfectly ok to wait.

  2. Pick out Outfits ahead of time so you’re not scrambling the day of. Simple outfits in neutral colors look great. Comfort is also key. You don’t want to be wearing a tight pair of jeans a week after you have just delivered a baby.

  3. When your photographer arrives show them around your house. I typically go for areas with window light. Sometimes I shoot in a living room or bedroom or nursery or even a back porch. Your photographer will know what will look best.

  4. Show your photographer things that mean most to you. I always love it when clients tell me about blankets knitted by great grandmothers or outfit worn by multiple generations. Incorporating things with meaning into your photo shoot are great.

  5. Be flexible. Be flexible on your end and find a photographer that is flexible on their end. Naps, feedings, diapers, crying newborns and spit up happens. Going with the flow allows for a stress-free photo shoot.

  6. Smile. Have Fun. In the moment it may seem awkward or stressful to be looking as though you have it all together during the photo shoot. But these are the best moments.

Thank you Libby for this fantastic advice! Now, do yourself a favor take a look at some of her newborn shoots below. This was hard to narrow down because they're all so good, but I love the variety shown here. - Candace

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