My Custom Family Ring with Metal Sugar

As soon as I found Melissa of Metal Sugar on instagram I was instantly in love with her style. Sometimes you just find that artist that fits your aesthetic exactly. While I might not wear everything she makes, like a diamond studded gold butcher knife pendant (but I do have some friends who would rock it!), her upscale settings and cast designs took my breath away and I saw the endless possibilities. She literally continues to make me say, "what do you mean you made that?!", and those that know me know I'm deep in the craft world and know how many things are made, but Melissa makes it look like pure magic. 
Before we go any further...go follow her on instagram and/or facebook - you will not be disappointed! And check out her beautiful website :
I decided if I ever splurged on myself (or convinced my hubby to ha) she was the artist that could make my dreams come to life. Shortly after this decision, and stalking her page a lot, an idea started forming. I wanted an heirloom piece completely unique to me that I could wear every day. I wanted a family birthstone ring. Yes, I know this is a common concept, but this design was going to be anything but common with Melissa's help. So, I reached out to her and we set the first meeting...
I remember being giddy that morning heading to her amazing studio in Starland. We set in her client room on velvet sofas surrounded by oil paintings and glass covered displays of her work. She began asking me questions to start forming the design that was in my head. By the end of it were both swapping sketches. And my favorite part was when she busted out the stones...I'm a total stone nerd.
We discussed the different stone options, sizes, colors, shapes, faceted or many. options. In my head, I pictured a cluster of stones each a different shape fitting together symbolizing the unique differences of our family and how we complete each other. Through this session and a few more, Melissa made it a reality. The final stones were; polygonal Australian opal (Ettalee), almond alexandrite (Harry), and a shield shaped citrine (me).

Once we settled on the stones, then it was time to talk about the setting and the band. I didn't have strong opinions on these, only that I wanted it to have a similar feel to my engagement ring. So, I let Melissa guide me and we made the decision together. This was the coolest part to me - She worked up 3D digital models of the ring! It was hard to choose, but one setting finally felt like the one. She then made a cast mold of the model and tried it on with the stones for one last check. 
After we made it through the custom decision making process, it was time for her to work her magic...and boy did she.
She teased me with progress photos along the way, but once I finally saw the finished piece no image did it justice. This ring is exactly what I wanted and honestly more than I could have imagined. Every time I look down at my finger I think, "I can't believe that's mine". Creating a custom piece with Metal Sugar was such a fun experience that I will never forget. I will pass this story down with my ring one day. I've been wearing it for 6 months now and I'm still just as in love. Plus! Now that my wedding set doesn't fit (preggers) I'm enjoying this beauty as it's place holder.
And one more thing...yes, we are already planning to add a new stone for baby # 2! Just waiting to know the birthstone 😉


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  • Melissa on

    It was an utter joy to work with you on this special ring, Candace! I am so happy you love it and can’t wait to work with you on the next one! Thanks for this amazing blog post. You are the BEST! Melissa

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