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I’m fortunate to be submersed in a community of fellow makers and it is a privelege to know so many talented people and see their wares often. However, I know many people in the greater Savannah area would love to shop handmade and local this Christmas, but maybe they aren’t sure where to start. Savannah has a diverse group of skilled creatives, makers, and artisans, so I’m breaking this down into helpful categories; hostess gifts, cards, bath time, jewelry, for kids, for her, for him. Enjoy!

Hostess Gifts

Blue Poppy is owned by a dear friend of mine, Amy Shippy, who makes it a goal to lift up and drive other female entrepreneurs. She started this company to help put her son through college and it’s no wonder it has taken off. She takes original artwork and uses sublimation printing (it’s so cool – look it up) to put them onto items, mainly tea towels. Everyone needs more tea towels, it’s the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer! You could even decorate the outside of a wrapped gift with one.
Because plants make everything better… Everbloom can take just about anything and make a floral arrangement. A chair, a wreath, a pumpkin, or a standard pot. Check her out for custom arrangements. 
Image may contain: candles
Salt & Shore candles are heavenly. They’re extremely thought out from the scent all the way to the packaging. The owner Mandy is a delight! Any hostess or lady in your life would be thrilled to get one of her candles!
Tate Ellington has a watercolor style you’ve never seen anything like. With a painting portfolio full of Savannah locations, a print from her collection would be well received by any hostess or loved one.
Love & Moxie has a variety of gifts for the hostess! Resin poured coasters and letter keychains are a super cute and affordable gift option. Their bags are top quality as well! 
Aw Shucks has done my favorite collaboration this year. Her beautiful oyster ornaments have Tate Ellington’s prints inside! And her oyster manger scenes are spectacular. 
So what is the perfect hostess gift? Welcome beads from True South. Give them a gift they will remember each time they host others! 
Where are my succulent lovers? Seated Succulent’s arrangements are exquisite. I’m currently crushing on her preserved moss arrangements – that’s right, no watering y’all.
Those that know me know I love some chocolate and sweets. I'm seriously mystified everytime I eat a Sweet Whimsy cake pop! How does she create such magic in a tiny cake pop?! And really, all the flavors are amazing. These would be perfect to bring to a party or stuff in a stocking.

Cards, Illustrations, & Art

Candy Cane Greeting Card image 0
Smiling Sticks makes adorable simple, but clever greeting cards for all occasions. Get these for year-round occasions!
Cowgirl Floral Babe image 0
The Small Creative – Allison is the friend everyone needs and her loving-kindness shows through her work of free-spirited florals and more. Her cards and prints are a must for your collection.
18 loves – you will never find another artist with Amelia’s style. I’m in love with her upbeat, funny holiday cards, but overall I just enjoy following her to see what she will create next. All of her prints and drawings have a meaningful message.
Car With Gifts
Darling Lemon has a cheery style all her own creating cards and prints from her original gauche paintings. And she is the sweetest!
Ok so JULU is not an illustrator but she is seriously in my top three favorite artists in Savannah. If you live here you've surely seen her murals around town and it's sure to brighten your day. She has a few prints and other items in her online shop and is always creating fun things on instagram!
Savannah Carriage Sticker image 0
Want your Savannah fix? Maggie B. French has the cutest watercolor style. She illustrates Savannah and Charlotte landmarks that you can purchase as prints or even awesome stickers!

Bath Time

Drift Effervescent Salt Soak
Salacia Salts is all about natural and earth-conscious. I love their soaks and bubble bath! It’s really hard to find all-natural bubble bath. Also, they have some amazing new chapstick that rivals EOS.
Traveler’s Soap Co. – I’m always impressed with the unique products this duo comes up with. They’re not just soap by any means, but their soap is top-notch. I especially love the eucalyptus and charcoal that’s great for sensitive skin with eczema. Plus check out their new felted soaps and dreamy bath truffles!
Birthday Cake Bomb image 0
My daughter is obsessed with bath time and Four and Fourteen are her favorite bath bombs! Complete with fun colors, shapes, and scents these are perfect for any age. And they really fizz and lot!! 
Marsh Savannah makes the best shampoo bars and conditioner bars. I know that sounds like a foreign thing, but y'all once you try it you will love it!! There is no going back. The benefits - no plastic bottles, they last longer than regular shampoo, they really lather, and they're all natural so there is no build-up on your hair. My natural waves have never been more pronounced since switching!

For the Kids

Obviously I have to mention Moss & Marsh here – sorry not sorry ;)  For baby - our Bandana Bibs or Bath Towels are always a hit! Our new coloring pouches are perfect for the little artist in your life! Each one comes with fabric markers, or you can use washable markers to re-color the bag over and over! And finally, for older kids, we have DIY screen printing kits where they can create their own mini screen and print their heart’s desires.
Lovelane is a household name in Savannah for children’s imaginative playwear – and if it’s not you need to get in the know. She is a fellow screen printer and mentor to me, the craft and creativity in her products are unmatched. These pieces are so well made they are sure to become family heirlooms.
Girl tooth fairy pillow kit tooth fairy set customizable image 0
Flight of the Parcel is owned by a close friend of mine and seamstress extraordinaire who helps out at Moss & Marsh, Jami Bowden. She is an amazing illustrator and combines these skills to create pieces for the whimsical heart. Her bestseller is this adorable tooth fairy kits! Know a kid losing teeth? This is the perfect gift.
Does your kiddo love to cook?! Get them a kid-sized cooking apron and mitts from Alice & Pearl. I don’t know how, but she finds the coolest retro fabric prints! You’ve gotta check them out.
Christmas Cone Cake Kit
And if they love to cook, have you heard of Yippee Cone Cakes yet?! Cone cakes are a fun cupcake made in an ice cream cone. Leilani has made it super easy to make them yourselves with her themed cone kits.

Fur Baby

All-Natural Bites
Fill your pups stocking with homemade treats from Hipster Hound!
And a Moss & Marsh hand-printed Dog Bandana!
Leighton Blue Mesh Dog Waste Bag Holder
Love & Moxie also makes the cutest poop bag holders!


We’re so lucky to have a lot of jewelry artists here in many different styles – there’s something for everyone.
Bohemian – Not only do I love Ashley from Alchemy and the Sea, but she is an overflowing wealth of creativity. It’s amazing to see the constant stream of new designs from her! If you have a beachy sole with a bohemian style, her electroformed pieces are a must. She has everything from staples to statement pieces. 
Simple but Bold  Tatianna Cabral Smith has the sweetest soul that shines through her pieces. Each design has a story and she actually prays over each piece as she makes it. Simple, minimal, beautiful.
One of a Kind - Whip – looking for a unique, electic statement piece that no one else will have? Look no further. KK makes each of her pieces differently, no one is the same.
Classic staples  Joseph Kates Designs is a beloved jewelry brand in Savannah. Her pieces are the ones you reach for daily, because they work with your whole wardrobe.
Traditional with a twist  Lowcountry Design Studio takes traditional silhouettes and pushes them to the next level with her use of electroforming and enameling and the way she pairs stones with metals.
Coastal – Mud Happy’s makes oyster shell dreams come true. Margaret’s designs have a simplistic beauty that have become a staple for me. You can usually find me in my gold painted earrings on the reg.
Colorful - Get your color fix with Lou Bangle. I love the way she plays with different materials from polymer clay to hand threaded stretch bracelets and gorgeous stones.
Fine Jewelry
I love the way Kristen Baird plays with gemstones! Her quality and craft is incredible.
Gillian Trask mystifies the physics of silver with her unique pieces.
Gold Oval Pendant with Wide Rim Necklace
I have a special place in my heart for Metalpressions because they were the first place I worked when I moved to Savannah. My very first creative home in this Hostess City. They really can do it all, but they specialize in hand stamped (and now engraved) silver and gold (yellow, pink, and green – yes there is green!). You can custom create a unique piece with their online jewelry designer with any text or design.

For Her

Daughter Handwovens makes exceptional woven goods. Yes, she actually weaves them by hand. From scarves to pillows to luxurious throw blankets, any lady would be grateful for one of these items.
Black Mermaid
ElonWick these candles have a style all their own, just like their maker, Elondia. With scents like “Black Mermaid” and “Caramel Popcorn” you can find the perfect scent for anyone.
Mock Orange Floral Scarf  Idaho State Flower Design  Syringa image 0
Erica Catherine is a fellow textile designer like myself and what doesn’t she make?! Her beautiful hand-drawn vintage florals can be found on scarves, prints, aprons, cards, and more. I’m so obsessed with her new alphabet series, you must check it out! 
Royal Blue Bubble Serving Dish
Design by Vu is the creative ceramic exploration of Trang Vu. She pushes ceramic glazes and exteriors to a new level. I adore her watercolor and bubble series!
MMB by Hand creates upscale artisan handbags and more. She shares my love of all things cork and creates many styles out of it! I love my cork card holder from her – a great stocking stuffer!
Signature Infinity Scarf 06
As a maker I always have to know how something is made, it helps me fully appreciate it. I honestly still can’t comprehend the knitwork of Ravel and Unravel. How does she make those patterns on a knitting machine?! They’re crazy beautiful, y’all. And her new dye work is art and inspiring. Follow Mia to be inspired! 
Claire Parish Pottery is minimal but striking. I love the way she uses negative space by creating cut outs in her pieces to add interesting details.
Flowers are always a good idea. Check out the adorable Lemon Cake Flowers! Her converted VW flower truck is the coolest and her bouquets are amazing.

For Him

Marguerite's Creole Seasoning 2.75 oz. shaker
Marguerite’s Creole seasoning! What man doesn’t love a good meat rub or seasoning. If you follow her Instagram you will quickly learn this seasoning is not just for meats, it’s so versatile!
Save Water Drink Bourbon Handpainted Bourbon Barrel Stave image 0
Smoke and Spirits uses bourbon barrels to make home décor. Get your bourbon loving man a sign or coasters for his man-cave. And ladies, they also make stellar earrings now too!
Octopus Tshirt
Forest and Fin takes her hand drawn animals and nature studies and screen prints (YES!) them onto the softest shirts and hoodies. Every Savannah man needs one! She has items for the whole family too!
Peninsula Trading Company has natural handmade products for all things beards. Oils for grooming long bears and shaving soaps for short ones.
AW Studios offers a variety of products but their leather goods are gorgeous. These items are really unisex, but what guy wouldn't like a cool leather wallet or trinket tray to hold his watch at night?
Ok, phew, we made it through the list. And that's not even all the makers here, y;all! There really is something for everyone right here in Savannah. If you want to do some one-stop shopping, the following shops carry lots of local makers: Abode Studios, Polka Dots, Capital Bee, Hygge, Superbloom. But at the very least, I hope you will go follow these amazing people on instagram and facebook, they pour their heart into their work and appreciate any and all support from the community!

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