Redefining "Mom Goals" to Empower Yourself

Hey Y'all! My name is Kate and I am a mom and lifestyle blogger from Savannah, GA (Moss & Marsh’s home). I am a young single mom to a sweet, 11-month-old James Max. The comparison game is a game I have found myself playing far too often and I hate to admit it’s not all the media’s fault. Yes, I see all these moms on Instagram with what looks like they have it made but is everything you see the full picture? No. Never. A picture can only tell so much and as a blogger I can tell you behind every one great picture is a screaming child, spilled product, crooked frame, bad lighting, and posed shot. So, why am I still trying so hard to be 12 versions of moms that aren’t me?!

 Photo by  Shutterbug Studios . Photo by Shutterbug Studios. 


One thing I am focusing on in the new year is being my own version of “mom goals”! One of my favorite quotes is:

“Today you are you. That is truer than true. There’s no one alive that is youer than you.”— Dr. Seuss

I think this quote translates perfectly in motherhood. There is no one more meant to be YOUR child’s mom than YOU. God placed that child in your life for reasons - some you may not even know yet. Max teaches me something new about myself each and every day and I try to teach him something new just as often - if not more. So why am I trying to change myself into a mom that I was not meant to be? Well, because it looks nice but as my mom always told me “it’s not always about the looks” which is SO TRUE in motherhood.

With it being the new year and all I thought that I would set my own definition of mom goals that applied to me and I challenge you to do the same! Make them realistic, meaningful and empowering. Don’t set a goal that will bring you down - focus on not only empowering others but empowering yourself. You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.

 Photo by  Monica Jean Photography . Kate is using her Moss & Marsh  Nursing Cover ! Photo by Monica Jean Photography. Kate is using her Moss & Marsh Nursing Cover! 

My #MomGoals for 2018:

  1. Be present - in Max’s life, in my friends and families lives, and in my own life.

  2. Lean on God - being a single mom is tough and I may not have a man to lean on when times get tough but I do have The Big Man and He is always there.

  3. Community over competition - in the world of social media it’s very easy to get lost in comparing yourself to others. I would find myself asking why I didn’t have this, why I didn’t look like that, why my kid wasn’t doing the things other kids were. I spent so much time worrying about others I forgot to focus on the things right in front of me. This year I want to spend more time building friendships with the amazing women I have met through social media. Empowering and encouraging them to be their own definition of mom goals.

  4. Award myself - being a mom is TOUGH. Sometimes ya gotta award yourself the first place trophy even for the smallest accomplishments because a small accomplishment for a mom is like going to space for anyone else! You are super mom - NEVER forget that.

  5. 5So, if you need someone to hold you accountable, check in on you or just a lending ear, I am always available to listen and would LOVE to hear your steps to becoming your version of MOM GOALS. Feel free to send me a DM over on Instagram at @abravemess or through my website, ! I hope your 2018 is all that you hope for and that you remember that there is NO mom better for your baby than you.


Kate & Max

 Photo by  Monica Jean Photography . Max is wearing his Moss & Marsh  Bandana Bib ! Photo by Monica Jean Photography. Max is wearing his Moss & Marsh Bandana Bib!

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