Moss & Marsh Announces Sapphire Moss Sub-brand and Launch Event on October 3

The new hand-dyed clothing collection offers inclusive sizing and comfortable yet chic styles.

SAVANNAH, GA (September 22, 2020) — Moss & Marsh, a textile design house specializing in multi-functional, artisan items, has launched its new sub-brand, Sapphire Moss, virtually on September 4 and will host an official launch event in Savannah on October 3. Sapphire Moss is a completely handmade and hand-dyed clothing collection where beauty meets comfort with a historic Shibori twist. Owner and creative director, Candace Brodmann, was drawn to this ancient Japanese art of resist dyeing while experimenting with varying fabric manipulation and textile techniques for apparel design.

Shibori is a traditional method of creating patterns on fabric through folding and wrapping or pressing wooden blocks to prevent dye from permeating the entire piece of fabric. When completed, a pattern in the color of the original fabric emerges against the background dye color itself. In Sapphire Moss’s case, its dye colors are hues of deep blue or indigo, thus the brand’s name.

“Each piece in the Sapphire Moss collection is sewn and dyed individually on linen or bamboo knit fabric,” described Brodmann. “This means that every single item is different, unique, and always comes out as a surprise. It will be like owning wearable art.”


The entire Sapphire Moss collection consists of thoughtfully inclusive constructions to fit many shapes and sizes. Each piece wraps and ties to adjust to the body, providing a flattering and comfortable look for every body. The line itself includes the Amanda Blouse, Camille Wrap Pants, Gigi Kaftan, Justine Crop Top, Marie Wrap Dress, and more. The pieces are offered in only one or two sizes because of the comprehensive designs fitting sizes 0-16 or even up to 20.

To view and purchase pieces from the Sapphire Moss collection, visit, but don't be surprised if it’s sold out. After the initial launch on September 4, nearly everything sold out within hours. But Brodmann has been working endlessly to restock and even make new items for the open house launch event on Saturday, October 3 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Starland Strange and Bazaar.

“The launch in October will be our official ‘coming-out party’ to introduce all of Savannah to Sapphire Moss,” explained Brodmann. “The whole event will be decked out in a blue theme from decorations to drinks and snacks. Sapphire everywhere!”

To learn out more about the Sapphire Moss open house launch event, visit and, or follow @sapphire.moss on Instagram.

About Moss & Marsh

Launched in 2016, Moss & Marsh is a textile design house in Savannah, GA with the goal of providing multi-functional, artisan items that make life easier. Moss & Marsh began as the creative effort of Candace Brodmann, a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Fabric Design from the University of Georgia. While adjusting to parenthood with her firstborn, Candace often had ideas for products that would make life easier. Naturally, Candace, who had been sewing since the age of eight, went straight to the sewing machine to make her ideas become realities. Learn more at

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