January Artist Feature: Shannon Snow

Artist Feature

Shannon Snow
An interview with Savannah illustration artist, Shannon Snow...
Q: Where are you from and where did you go to school?
A: I'm from Sandersville, GA, 2 hours northwest of Savannah. I went to SCAD, mostly for its proximity to my hometown, and studied Illustration. 


Q: Where do you find your inspiration?
A: I find much of my inspiration from folk art, particularly American and Russian folk art. 
Q: What are your favorite mediums?
A: Gouache! With a bit of colored pencil for texture. I used to be so scared of traditional media... I've only just moved away from digital media in the past few years. Letting go of the Cmd+Z was a big deal for me, but I think sitting down and committing to painting has transformed my artwork in exciting ways. 
Q: When you're not doing artsy things, what can you be found doing?
A: If I'm not in my studio, you can find me in my kitchen. I love cooking and trying out new techniques. Last summer I was determined to master my Weber charcoal grill. Entertaining is another hobby I cherish, and I've been dreaming of hosting post-pandemic parties!
Q: Who are some artists that influence you?
A: Two of my favorite artists are Josef Frank and Monika Forsberg. 
Q: What new project/ series are you most excited about and why?
A: This year I'm excited to see my art interacting with the real world and not just in an Instagram grid. For example, I'm collaborating with local footwear designer Michael Grey to create some custom Birkenstocks this Spring. Also, since I've been spending so much time planning pretend parties in my head, it might be a good idea to design some table linens. The sky's the limit!
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Find Shannon on Instagram (@hello.shannon) and shop her website!

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