5 Tips for Organizing Your Nursery

 Photo by  Teresa Earnest Photography  Photo by Teresa Earnest Photography.


Hi mamas! My name is Kate and I’m the Owner + Lead Organizer for Orchid Organizing here in Savannah, GA. Although, I only have a furry daughter myself, we often organize for new moms and expecting moms, too! Candace was so sweet to ask for my advice on how to create a nursery that’s both useful and organized. So, here are 5 helpful tips for organizing your nursery:

1. Set the room up from bottom to top.

This may seem like a no-brainer but your baby is small and they start their lives living in the bottom two-ish feet of a room. When you’re organizing and setting up your baby’s nursery, you need to think from the bottom and go up. This means keeping the floor clear of anything but necessities and a couple baskets of toys. The more items on the floor or within their reach, the easier it is for them to get into something they shouldn’t. Hang Moss & Marsh towels up high, store diaper bags on a shelf and keep baby products up out of reach.

2. Soft is best.

Going off tip #1, your baby is going to get into everything that’s on the floor. Heavy wicker and wire baskets or wooden crates are beautiful, but will hurt her when she tries to pull up and it flips over. Instead, opt for soft-sided baskets like these from Pottery Barn.

 Photo by  Teresa Earnest Photography  Photo by Teresa Earnest Photography.


3. Create a diaper caddy.

Diaper changes are so much easier when you have everything you need together and within reach. Use a clear container like this to store the essentials: diaper cream, nail clippers, a few diapers, Moss & Marsh burp cloths and a swaddle.

4. Reminisce on college days.

Make your baby a shower caddy, just like you used to have in the dorms. Have it stocked with shampoo, a Moss & Marsh bath mitt and a cup for rinsing. Having it in a clear container or caddy will make it easy to grab what you need. Make sure you have your hooded towel within reach for when bath time is over, so you aren’t scrambling to find one. And when you’re done with bath time, you can put it back up on a high shelf so her little hands can’t get into it.



5. Hang baby’s outfits together.

To make getting your wiggly baby dressed a little bit easier, hang all the pieces of an outfit together. For example, put a onesie, overalls and matching Moss & Marsh bib all on one hanger so it’s just grab-and-go.

 Photo by  Teresa Earnest Photography  Photo by Teresa Earnest Photography 


These are just a few tips to help you get you baby’s nursery organized. We’d love to know, what organizing tips have worked best for you? Which ones of these do you plan to try? Comment below and let us know!

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